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“If history were taught in the form
of stories, it would never be forgotten.”


First and foremost, we are copywriters. Although, in creating compelling content for clients, we sometimes go beyond words on a page with video blogging, podcasting and the creation of other multimedia bits & bobs for our clients' digital channels.

Sometimes we call ourselves 'storytellers' or 'content creators' but we still see ourselves as copywriters.

Companies come to us when they are looking to fill their publications, communications and digital spaces with the kind of content people want to watch, hear and read. Our motivation is to produce unique and consuming stories for our clients' brands – stories that connect with an audience saturated by marketing spin.

Whether we're creating content for a brochure, website, publication, annual report or newsletter, we're looking to impart genuine value and information to your audience, rather than slug them with buzzwords and sales pitches. 

You'll get a sense of what we do when you run your eyes over our projects list. We're particularly adept at generating high-quality bulk content suitable for industry journals/publications, social media channels, audio podcasts and multimedia blogs. 

Connect with us on Twitter or Facebook. Otherwise, email or call us. We'd love to have a casual chat with you about realising your vision and elevating your brand to cosmic levels. 

Let's swap stories.


The Bakewood team is a constantly expanding and retracting mass of talented individuals who come together according to project demands. At the beating heart of this team are the 'Bake' and 'Wood' of Bakewood, Steve and Emma.


Our services include...

•Publications   •Blogging   •Websites   •Newsletters   •Video production   •Podcasts   •Feature articles
•Strategy   •Ghostwriting   •Taglines   •Media releases   •Guidebooks   •Catalogues   •Editing   •Programs   •Cinema marketing   •Interviews   •Social media   •Biographies   •Proofreading