Fragrance descriptions and marketing collateral


The Pitch

Not many organisations can accurately call themselves market leaders but that is a claim Apsley and Company confidently makes. Back in the mid-1990s, Apsley introduced home fragrance diffusers to the Australian market and – largely through the brands Scented Space®, Abode Aroma® and Scentsia® – they have set the standard others now follow.

In remaining at the forefront of a highly competitive retail market, Apsley recognised the need to constantly reinvent the way they presented their premium fragrances, and it became apparent that evocative copywriting was one of the more powerful means for communicating their ‘scentsory experiences’.

They started the search for a copywriter who had the imagination to bring the many layers of their fragrances into vivid detail.

The Solution

Apsley and Company initially engaged the services of Bakewood’s Emma Westwood as the company’s first ever copywriter. She fully familiarised herself with Apsley’s international brands and helped define the ‘vocabulary’ behind these brands as a foundation on which to build.

Apsley’s fearless co-founder, Helen Armstrong, has been intent on pushing the strong link between scent and memory/experience. Emma works on compelling ways to detail individual fragrances and their experiential relationships while remaining faithful to the distinct marketing angles of product lines.

Over many years, Emma has created such a strong relationship with Apsley that the company has continued its working partnership with her new enterprise, Bakewood. 

The Result

Although still a family-owned business operating from Melbourne, Australia, Apsley and Company is a fully-fledged international enterprise selling into markets as diverse as the UK, Middle East and Asia.

Apsley and Company has released over 20 million products internationally, and created in excess of 2,000 SKUs (stock keeping units), and shows no sign of slowing pace.

While Emma has written close to 150 fragrance descriptions (but who’s counting?), she always gets a thrill out of grabbing the thesaurus and coming up with new ones, just like this:

Seville – Blood Orange
Indulge in the citrus-sprayed air of Spain in spring with freshly picked orange stirred into wild strawberries, jasmine and rhubarb.