Copywriting for company rebrand and digital content

The Pitch

Digital print company Doculink is one of those commercial enterprises you’ve heard about but can’t really believe exist; one that has grown in leaps and bounds for 20 years but never produced a single piece of marketing collateral.

Riding on the reputation of their CEO, Kim Mitchell – who was one of the founding members of Australia’s first instant print company, Pink Panther – Doculink gained an enviable client base through word of mouth. Rather than become arrogant about it, they recognised the time was nigh to give their brand a refresh and extend their influence beyond Kim’s reach.

The first step for Doculink was to create a website, and that’s where Bakewood stepped into the picture.

The Solution

Apart from information in tender documents, Doculink’s web copy was to be created from scratch. This posed a definite challenge – to determine and communicate the specific culture behind Doculink, as well as why the business had been so successful so far, while also trying to put a new, readable spin on the detailing of their digital print services.

Luckily, Kim was willing to embrace creativity and incorporate a sense of humour into their web content. Consequently, Bakewood came up with copy that is fresh, interesting and Doculink-specific. The web copy has then been repurposed for other marketing materials such as brochures, direct mail and client gifts.    

Bakewood was also asked to research and create articles for LinkedIn and blogging purposes to assist in positioning Doculink as experts in their field.


The Result

For the first time in the company’s history, Doculink now has the words to express their point of difference. This has not only helped introduce Doculink to new clients, it’s also boosted staff morale equipping them with the kind of marketing collateral they can distribute with pride.  

Not only that, but the excitement generated through the new website has spurred Doculink to overhaul the whole office, including spiffy new signage and updated look for their reception area.