Website editorial coordination and social media content

The Pitch

Sport is about so much more than merely winning or losing...

Sport is passion, love, heartbreak, joy and comfort. It's warmth, fraternity, isolation, despair and anxiety. It's the old woollen footy jumper in your draw, the wood-framed tennis racquet handed down to you from a generation long gone, and the scarf knitted by grandma for your seventh birthday that still accompanies you to games. 

Sport is ritual. Sport is life.

Respected sportswriters John Harms and Paul Daffey first started The Footy Almanac book in 2007 and website in 2009. Since then, it has grown into a community of writers and readers who revel in both the emotional and visceral side of sport and sporting life. 

As a long-time fan and contributor to The Footy Almanac website, Bakewood’s Steve Baker met John Harms through writing circles, and soon realised a meeting of the minds and hearts between The Footy Almanac and Bakewood. 

The Solution

After successfully pitching the idea of a weekly podcast for the 2014 season, John and his team saw first-hand the quality of Bakewood’s work. So, when it was time to bring in some external talent to help grow the website, Bakewood seemed a natural fit.

Our unique experience across audio, text and video platforms, as well as our insight into what makes the Almanac tick, enabled Bakewood to contribute to the editorial coordination of The Footy Almanac.

Along with the invaluable help of a dedicated team of volunteers, Bakewood helped ensure reader submissions were regularly uploaded onto The Footy Almanac site in a way that engaged audiences, promoted discussion, and attracted new readers and contributors.

We were also responsible for assisting with the Almanac’s social media presence, continuing the focus on community. 


The Result

When assuming content coordination duties in 2015, Bakewood helped increase traffic to The Footy Almanac by over 15% compared to the same period in previous years. The brand’s social media presence also grew (e.g. 226 additional followers in two months of managing the Twitter account).

We also helped promote further diversity of writing on the Almanac with The Foody Almanac and Almanac Music added as writing categories in February 2015.

Bakewood assisted the Almanac with the strategy and implementation of a highly successful crowdfunding campaign in March 2015 that increased exposure of the website and surpassed its goal of $20,000. Funds raised from crowdfunding are being used to facilitate the re-design of the website and the creation of the eBook, Long Bombs to Snake.