Program guide editing and synopses writing

The Pitch

The Greek Community of Melbourne was established in 1897 making it the oldest Greek organisation in Australia and the second oldest of the diaspora after the Greek Community of Alexandria-Egypt.

Such a proud tradition extends into all areas of Greek life in Melbourne; the community’s arts and cultural events being one such area that enables everyone to ‘go a little Greek’, even if they’re not of Greek extraction themselves.

At the centre of such cultural celebrations is the annual Greek Film Festival that is largely organised from Melbourne but tours nationally to Sydney, Perth, Brisbane and Canberra. With such a broad offering of films, the Greek Community takes great pains to ensure their program appeals to all Australians and, consequently, communicating the inclusive elements of the program is of utmost importance to them.

The Solution

Bakewood initially came to the attention of the Greek Community through our long relationship with Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF). The Greek Film Festival organisers asked Bakewood to replicate the services offered to MIFF but taking the unique challenges of an ethnic film festival into account.

A major challenge has been the research of films, often only marketed in Greek, which have not toured extensively on the international film festival circuit. Another challenge has been the identification of aspects in the film that will attract an appropriate Australian audience regardless of cultural background.

Having considerable experience in festivals, especially film, meant Bakewood has been able to overcome such challenges and, as one of the few non-Greeks working on the Festival, offer the valuable outsider perspective they have needed.


The Result

The Greek Film Festival continues to sit at the heart of the Greek Community of Melbourne’s cultural events, and draws bigger box office numbers with every passing year – not to mention a cracking opening night party that has been known to feature the celebratory smashing of a plate or two (or three)!

The Greek Community’s no-fuss attitude to producing their Festival program – and their appreciation of the hard work that goes into creating it – does not escape Bakewood, and we always look forward to that time of year when we're asked to go Greek with them again.