Copywriting for program guide and marketing materials

The Pitch

Affectionately known as ‘The Comedy Festival’ to locals, Melbourne International Comedy Festival (MICF) is one of those annual events that literally takes over the city in an upswell of excitement.

Way before Bakewood, Emma Westwood was a bit of a ‘gal about town’ in her job as Arts Editor for Inpress magazine. Part of her extra-curricular responsibilities involved judging Raw Comedy and The Barry Awards for The Comedy Festival, which saw her take on the gargantuan task of watching in excess of 50 performances every Festival.

Not surprisingly, Emma became quite familiar with the Festival so, when she left her media role, she was freed up to offer The Comedy Festival a helping hand with the creation of their marketing materials. They were pleased to have her on-board because they wanted someone who could doctor the UK touring guff to appeal to Australian audiences. 

The Solution

For close to a decade, Emma – and now Bakewood – has tackled the research and come up with promotional copy for Festival special events and Festival-produced international artists (as opposed to the copy for independent artists that make up the bulk of the Festival offering).

This copy includes long-form web content, short-form program guide blurb, and poster and flyer content such as quotable quotes from celebrities and/or media publications, and catchy taglines.

The biggest hurdle in creating colourful copy for The Comedy Festival is making sure the characteristics of each artist are clearly defined, which can be difficult when there is a bunch of stand-up comedians with no themes or specific storylines in their shows. Given Emma’s experience, she has been able to overcome this challenge and astutely communicate the differences between comedians in a highly sellable manner.


The Result

Melbourne International Comedy Festival grows hugely with each successive year, and is firmly entrenched on the global circuit as one of the three largest comedy festivals in the world. These results speak for themselves.

Emma is also proud to have pioneered the use of a hyphen when referring to ‘stand-up’ in The Comedy Festival vocabulary (but not when used as a verb).