Video content for digital channels

The Pitch

There is no question about it – Melbourne Symphony Orchestra (MSO) holds a beloved place in the Melbourne cultural landscape, as well as the broader national scene, as the oldest professional orchestra in Australia (first performing in 1905).

The MSO recognised that orchestral music lovers and potential new audiences are active online, and the right content not only generates engagement but also encourages ticket sales.

Accordingly, their sights turned to social media and their methods to sharable content, most specifically video content that would show the orchestra in many different guises and raise the hair on the back of potential concertgoers’ necks.

The Solution

Having seen Bakewood’s work with City of Melbourne, Melbourne Symphony Orchestra knew Bakewood could create tight, creative video content that met strict budget parameters.

What also resonated hugely with the MSO was our agility and can-do attitude, which means extraordinary requirements to ensure content goes live within 24 hours have been attended to without a hitch.

The MSO is responsible for approximately 50 performances per year. Given their small marketing and publicity team, Bakewood was expected to act like another member of that team responding to ticket sale trends, unanticipated events/ideas and the demands of audience engagement at the drop of a hat. No fuss.



The Result

With their digital presence, the MSO has demonstrated that classical music can be as modern and progressive as any other form of music. Surely, Mozart would be impressed with their unerring dedication to innovation.

The Orchestra boasts over 40,000 likes on Facebook and almost 11,000 followers on Twitter. More importantly, their social media feeds show strong engagement with large numbers of shares and competition participation.

Bakewood has ably assisted the MSO with new and thrilling ways of presenting video content to an already hungry online community of Orchestra fans.