Despite being a frustrated writer from the year dot, Stephen built his professional profile as an on-air radio broadcaster for RSN in Melbourne and Sky Sports Radio in Sydney. He also jumped into the producer’s chair on a number of occasions and, as such, has developed an enviable bank of knowledge across sporting codes as varied as AFL; NRL; American football (gridiron); soccer; thoroughbred, harness & greyhound racing; and even fishing.
As a writer, Stephen has artfully tackled the blogging world with his own opinionated portal. In a professional sense, he has supported Emma Westwood to provide pristine copy for the likes of Defence Bank, Russell Consulting (RCI), Australasian Housing Institute (AHI) and Jewish Film Festival (JIFF).

Stephen’s proficiency for podcasting lead to a fortuitous relationship with the team at The Footy Almanac, which has seen him regularly referred to as ‘Chief Button Pusher’. He also sits ably as Bakewood MD and acts as the voice of reason.

Stephen is the ‘Bake’ in ‘Bakewood’.